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Just to let you know our trip to Argentina was great. All arrangements worked flawlessly. There were no problems. The Marriott Hotel is very nice and the location on Calle Florida cannot be beat for convenience right there at the pedestrian shopping strip. We were able to get leather jackets at a good price.  It was perfect. All the tour guides were very good in both Buenos Aires and Iguazu. Everyone was very friendly. Staying one night at Iguazu worked out fine. We were able to tour the Brazilian falls the first day (without a Visa in advance) and the Argentine side the next day. We took the Great Adventure boat ride which was thrilling. Loved the trip and saw great Tango performances.

Thanks for your help.

Sandy Weiss

I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our recent trip to Belize arranged by Everything went very smoothly and my son and I had a wonderful time. Our accommodations were just as described and the transfers were all timely and comfortable. You agent was very helpful. I feel that she did a good job insuring that everything was handled right ahead of time, so we didn’t have to deal with any problems on the trip. I also want to commend Roy, our driver to San Ignacio and then later to Belize City. He was always on time, friendly and cheerful. He was very informative and helpful, pointing out things of interest and sharing a little about the culture. Also he is a very good driver, we felt comfortable even though the road conditions were sometimes pretty bad.


Kate C.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for setting up a perfect trip to Brazil.  We had a wonderful time everywhere we went and saw many interesting sights. Again, thanks for all your help!



I want to thank you for all of you hard work on my trip to Costa Rica. Everything went beautifully, the resorts were very nice, the transfers were perfect. I could not have taken this trip without your help and I really appreciate it


I just want to thank you for helping George with the changes in his trip. From what he told me he would have never got to Costa Rica without you! He had a wonderful trip. Something like this could only happen to him!

Thanks again!


I had a wonderful time in Costa Rica.  It is so pretty and exotic.  Swiss Tours were excellent, they called to confirm pick up times etc.  The drivers and guides were excellent.  They were well informed and enthusiastic.  It was beautiful. Everything went like clockwork. Panama was nice also not as beautiful but a different kind of place.  Nice, clean modern city and the Indians, The Kunas and Embera were wonderful.  My favorites were the Embera Indians they were so sweet and hospitable.

Thanks for all your efforts.


Thank you for making our recent trip to Costa Rica a great experience! Everyone we met, from the greeters at the airport to our personal drivers and tour guides were all very courteous and friendly.  The translators in our cars were all very knowledgeable about each are of CR, the history, the people, and the wildlife. Every driver was willing to pull over when requested if we wanted to get out a see and animal or view a scenic vista and often stopped themselves when they saw an interesting bird, monkey or sloth. Your hotel options were great.  We were very pleased with each hotel we stayed in. I have already directed people to your web sight which itself was very informative, flexible and easy to use.  Thanks again for a fantastic trip!



Just wanted to thank you – the trip was fabulous, I highly recommend it – the only concern may be that it may be too many activities for some people – it was just right for us.



Our driver and guide were very professional- always on time – very attentive – very nice! our transfers were right on time and pleasant. We specially enjoyed Chichen Itza and Mayaland.

Alison and David

I just wanted to let you know that everything went extremely well and I had a fantastic time in Nicaragua.  I was very surprised to find that I had a personal driver, Augusto, to take me from place to place each day.  I had been expecting a communal mini-bus.  Augusto was fantastic.  He spoke great English, was very knowledgeable, and was a pleasant person to spend 2 hour car rides with.  I would definitely like to pass on good words about him to you, Latin Destinations.  Also, Enrique, who was my guide for the Masaya Volcano and Market tour was fantastic.  He is very smart and a fun person to be with.  I would also recommend him to anyone looking to visit some of the sights in Nicaragua. If you wanted to add to your base of knowledge on Nicaragua, I would be happy to speak with you about my experience.  Granada and Selva Negra were definitely the highlights.  Managua was nice to see for a day, but I did not need to go back for a second day between Selva Negra and Granada. You can see everything you need to see and get a taste for the urban culture all in one day in Managua! The Casa Real in Managua was great.  The Intercontinental Metrocentro was nice, but felt like a Miami or New York luxury hotel that just doesn’t quite make it.  I loved the Colonial in Grenada.  Grenada was a great place just to sit in the parque and watch people go by.  Montelimar was a great place, but what turned me off slightly was the fact that the clientele was overwhelmingly dominated by French Canadians, many of whom can be pushy and unfriendly.  The staff, facilities, and beach at Montelimar, however, were incredible.  The people were great. I felt like I truly made friends with the Montelimar staff, particularly Manuel, Yohana, and Javier at the casino.  I don’t know how positive words can be passed onto their employer, but if possible I would like to do that. They helped make my last few days in the country very special. Again, I had a great time and would recommend Nicaragua to anyone.  I would also recommend your service.  I liked being able to mix and match overnight stays and activities in each package on the net.  One activity you may want to look into is fishing on Lake Nicaragua.  It was a fun experience.



We have just returned from our trip to Panama. We enjoyed it very much, and everything went well.  We had no problems. Thank you very much for your help. I will definitely use you again for future travel.

Thanks again,

John Arko

What a wonderful experience we had!!!  Everything you arranged worked like clockwork.  Condor Travel was outstanding.  Not a pick-up was missed; all were on time and waiting.   All flights, hotels and tours were as planned.  The hotels, especially the Monasterio in Cusco, were super.  Great job.  Both of us want to thank you.  Need any recommendations for future travelers to Peru just e-mail us.

Thanks again.

Franz and Sherry

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the work you did on our trip to Peru.  The trip was fantastic, we loved Arequipa and Colca and we had a great time in Puno and Lake Titicaca. All the arrangements were perfect and both you and Condor Travel [our tour operator on the ground, n.n.] were very professional and well organized.  Our tour guides, drivers and accommodations were all excellent and we really couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Muchas, muchas gracias,

Larry & Laura

I thought I’d let you know that we had a wonderful time in Buenos Aires. The hotel was great – all the staff very friendly & very good breakfast. Your reps were excellent and both our transfers were very smooth. Thank you so much for organizing everything so well.



Got back from Rio and Buzios . . . what a treat to all the sences, particularily Buzios and more specifcally Byblos Posada . . . aboslutely fantastic and I thank you for your efforts and  persistance.

We look forward to more of the same.

Mark & Katherine

Just wanted to let you know that my husband and I really enjoyed the trip and were very pleased with the services of Tourismo Cocha.  We’ll definitely use their services again in the future.  We loved Chile so much that we’re planning to go back in the future.



We had a wonderful time in Costa Rica, thank you for helping with the booking. The Barcelo Playa Tambor was fabulous. No problems at all.  We had no problem at the Melia Cariari when we returned from Tambor.

Thank you very much.


What a beautiful country! The people are fabulous (so warm and welcoming), the hotels were great, the tours were amazing, and rafting trip was sensational. I’ve run out of adjectives… Have I thanked you, yet? This was EXACTLY the honeymoon we wanted.

Thank you again so much,

Mr. and Mrs. Bliss

I am pleased to inform you that our trip to Costa Rica was extremely successful. We also had the opportunity to visit Nicaragua while in Costa Rica. We were delighted to visit both countries. However, the roads from Liberia to Tamarindo and in Tamarindo are poorly maintained. They are in worse shape than ever seen from any other countries visited. The roads in Liberia were a little bit better than those to and in Tamarindo. Nevertheless, the trip was exceptional for us. The city of Tamarindo is mostly lived by Americans and is safe. Most of the properties are owned by North Americans. In terms of safety, it is safe to live there because people walk down the streets at anytime. Concerning Nicaragua, I wished that I could spend more than one day there because it is extremely cheap with pleasant people. We had the opportunity to visit a live volcano, touring the city. I have digital pictures but have not been able to download them yet. However, they will be forwarded to you soon upon request.

Best Regards,


Just a short note to tell you of our satisfaction with the package and details and all the arrangements.  Everything went according to schedule; we had a wonderful time.  The day long eco trip on the Rio Frio was a highlight of the week.  The roads in the country are an abomination; even CA 1, the Inter-American Highway is a massive mess of pot holes of varying sizes, most enormous.
Thank you for your help with the package, it was worthwhile and at a good price for the value received.  We would recommend you and your agency.


Thanks for arranging our trip. We had an excellent time. Everything as well organized and the tour company made sure we were comfortable and on track. The tour guide gave us a first-rate tour of cities. He was very educated and informative on the history of Mexico and the cities. I definitely would recommend you to anyone. Thanks again for making the process easy.


I did enjoy the trip and it was well planned. The hotels were excellent. The English speaking guide was excellent and took very good care of me.



I just returned from a great trip to Nicaragua and I would like you to know what a great guide I had during my stay. Juan Carlos is a great guide, very knowledgeable on the history and nature of Nicaragua and was able to get me every where I wanted to go, answer very question I had, and when he said he would be pick me up at a certain time he was always on time.  I enjoyed my trip a great deal and would return to Nicaragua again.



I just want to THANK YOU and your team for putting such a fantastic trip together for us. All the wonderful places we visited, the great guides, and all those amazing photo opportunities. We thank you again for making it possible – everywhere we went we were treated so well.
The resorts we stayed in felt like home, each with a different twist. We probably put way too much into the itinerary, but I can’t figure what I would have taken out. PANAMA what a rich place, it’s a WOW! and so are you!, [now I have to edit my photo’s -49 rolls].



I wanted to tell you our vacation to Peru was great. Everything was perfectly planned, our tours were all great, our rides and flights were on time, and most importantly we loved visiting Machu Picchu and every else we did. Thank you for doing such a great job putting our trip together.


Scott and Michele

I just wanted to let you know that we have returned from our trip to Peru and it was absolutely fantastic. The Condor Travel people on the ground there were flawless, as they were always on time, courteous, spoke excellent English, were super-helpful, organized, and were perfect in every way. The whole country is a wonderland of beauty and we would do the trip over again in a heartbeat.  Thank you for all of your help in arranging the trip. It couldn’t have gone more smoothly in Peru; every experience was seamless and truly amazing!

Thank you, thank you, thank you,

Alina – Vytas - Antanas - Maria